Wychavon’ new recycling trucks given a great send off

25 Oct 2018 08:49

Wychavon District Council and its waste and recycling collections partner FCC Environment welcomed to its Depot the residents who sent in the best names for the 15 brand spanking new waste and recycling trucks which have now taken to the roads.

Steve Longdon, Regional Director for FCC Environment said“We were delighted to have been able to throw open the doors of our depot and show the people who named the trucks what their idea looks like above the cab door. It’s been great to see the joy on their faces and for them to send the vehicles off in style.”

The names are:

  • Reggie refuse
  • Sir Trash a Lot
  • The Incredible Bulk
  • Lambergreenie
  • Recyclosaurus Rex
  • Jus-bin Timberlake
  • The Ter-bin-ator
  • Binderella
  • The Flying Dustman
  • Greta Garbage
  • Bin Diesel
  • Trash Gordon
  • Donald Dump
  • O-bin-wan Kenobi
  • Amazing Anna

The winners are:

Thomas Chimes, Carol Cooper, Leo Levin aged 7, Clare Boder, Steve Knight, Katy Watkinson, Harley and Sarah Watt, Andrew Wilson, Linda Marshall, John Wilks, Greg Hayes and Elder Tillz, Stu Mandry of Bretforton School and Clare Wilks, many of whom joined us for the official inauguration event.

In addition, Amazing Anna was named in honour of Cllr. Anna Mackison, a former Wychavon board member who looked after environment and street scene. Anna was part of the roll out of alternate weekly collections across the district and regularly went out with crews collecting bins so that she fully understood the service.

“It was wonderful inviting our winners in so they could see their trucks before they took to the roads with their personalised livery.” said FCC Environment Area Manager, Mike Stass. “The 15 state of art trucks will be working hard for years to come collecting; glass bottles and jars; plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays; food cans drinks cans; cartons; and much, much more and now they will take to the roads already a part of the community they will be serving.”

The trucks took to the roads in October as part of an upgrade to recycling services in the district to enable all residents to recycle more than ever before from home including the addition of batteries, small items electric and electronic waste items and lower grade textiles that are not good enough to go to the charity shop for re-sale.

The trucks themselves are also state-of-the-art, power by the latest euro 6 standard engines which are cleaner and produce lower emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and fine particles; 80% lower of the NOx over the old truck and half the level of fine particles.

In addition, the bin lifter at the rear of the vehicles is electric making them quieter and as they don’t rely of power directly from the engine, fuel consumption is reduced overall; up to up to 14% according to the manufacturer.

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