Recycling at home

Why is Recycling Important?

Recycling is something that we can all do to help our environment. Approximately 75% of the rubbish that we throw away can be recycled - much of this, at home, through your kerbside recycling collection.

Recycling as much as possible:

  • Saves resources - By recycling as much as possible, we can save precious raw materials and resources that are used to make products.
  • Saves Energy - It is often much more energy intensive to make products from new resources than it is to use recycled materials. For example, it takes 95% less energy to make an aluminium can from recycled aluminium than it does from raw materials. Using less energy also means that we release less greenhouse gases into the environment, helping us to reduce the impact of global warming.
  • Protects the Environment - Extracting raw materials causes pollution to the air, land and water, and often leads to the destruction of habitats. By recycling, we can reduce the need to extract raw materials - therefore protecting habitats that otherwise would have been destroyed and prevent harmful pollution.
  • Reduces waste sent to Landfill sites - When we bury waste in the ground, not only do we contaminate the land, the waste also rots to produce methane (a harmful greenhouse gas).

To find out where re3 send your waste to be recycled, please view our Annual Environmental Report.

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