Household Recycling Centres

What can I recycle?

What can I recycle?

Click on the relevant image for more information on each item and for help and advice on how to waste less, save money and recycle more and better.

Glass Bottles and Jars Plastic Bottles Food tins and cans
Foil Cooking Oil
White Goods Electronic Products household light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
Printer cartridges Soil and Rubble Garden Waste
all grades of wood Plasterboard Scrap Metal
Paint Electrical Wire Household Items / Furniture Cutlery
Carpets all textiles and shoes Car Tyres

Children's Toys Paper
  Asbestos domestic batteries used engine oil
Household Chemicals car batteries Garden Chemicals Gas Bottles

*Restrictions apply - see the Waste Acceptance Policy for full details
† Including card, magazines, envelopes (windowed and non windowed) and books
‡ Metal and alloy
¶ But not duvets or pillows
§ Including painted, treated, chipboard and MDF
|| Fridges, freezers, microwaves, stereos, irons etc.
# TVs, computers, printers, radios etc
^ Mattresses, sofas, cupboards, kitchen wall tiles, floor tiles
+ All Asbestos 

Staff and Restrictions

There are limits to the amounts of certain types of waste that can be recycled at the HWRCs so please read the Waste Acceptance Policy for more information.

If you require assistance, please ask, as staff are here to help and all members of staff are trained in manual handling techniques. They have been instructed to only lift items of weight and dimensions that do not put their health and safety at risk. Therefore, staff may not be able to help you unload large or awkward items.

We hope that you appreciate and support our efforts to ensure that the health and safety of our staff, who are serving your local community, is protected.

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