At FCC we are focused on recycling and REUSE of all WEEE streams (except fluorescent tubes which can only be recycled and not reused). 

We are currently working in partnership with a WEEE recycling business to develop initiatives to REUSE goods back into local charities with the full backing of our Local Authority partners.

Waste Streams

WEEE materials are categorised into 5 waste streams:

  • LDA (large domestic appliances) e.g. washing machines, cookers, tumble dryers, dishwashers etc.
  • Cooling appliances – e.g. Fridges and freezers
  • CRTs (cathode ray tubes) e.g. televisions and computer monitors
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • SDA (small domestic appliances) e.g. vacuums, toasters, kettles etc.

At our HWRCs (household waste recycling centres) we separate any WEEE goods brought in by the public into the 5 categories and focus on refurbishing and reusing where possible.  

Workshops take place on our site to train staff to identify potential reuse items and understand the value of suitable products being put back into the market.

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