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WEEE do the right thing


FCC Environment is committed to doing the right thing with waste and ensuring it becomes a useful resource, rather than being dumped in landfill. It has partnered with waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) recycling specialist EnvironCom to re-use and recycle WEEE items collected across FCC Environment’s household waste recycling centres (HWRC).

EnvironCom’s philosophy is to ‘do the right thing with WEEE so it doesn’t cost the earth’. Along with FCC Environment the company wants to achieve maximum value and efficiency from WEEE whilst making the right choice environmentally.

Getting the most from WEEE

All of the WEEE collected from HWRCs run by FCC Environment on behalf of its local authority customers is sent for processing at one of EnvironCom’s two UK sites in Grantham, Lincolnshire and Edmonton, London.

Teams of engineers look to re-use as many of the items as possible and the remainder are recycled, minimising the amount sent to landfill.

EnvironCom currently achieves more than 15% re-use and its aim is to increase this to 30% in the next few years.

As part of the agreement, EnvironCom trains FCC Environment’s staff on key aspects of dealing with WEEE.







The WEEE recycling process:

1. Refurbish and re-use the whole product where possible
2. Re-use parts of the product e.g. fridge shelves and motors
3. Recycle the remainder into raw material (e.g. plastic, metal) for manufacturing
4. Small amount sent to landfill (e.g. only 2% of fridges will go to landfill)

"Working with EnvironCom enhances the service we already offer our local authority customers, helping
them to reduce waste to landfill whilst giving residents confidence that they are being environmentally responsible"

Charles Bliss, material marketing manager, FCC Environment

FCC Environment's approach to delivering a sustainable future

  • We are keen to promote waste as a valuable resource in line with the European Waste Framework Directive

  • Our experienced team operate more than 200 recycling and renewable energy sites in the UK offering municipal and business waste solutions for companies of all sizes

  • FCC Group are industry leaders in Energy from Waste with EfW treatment facilities

  • We work in partnership with local authorities, schools and community groups to raise awareness of the need for a more sustainable future


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