Waste Processing


We process all waste, including chemical and hazardous waste, in a safe, secure and sustainable way avoiding landfill where possible. Handling and processing residual and contaminated waste is an important part of our business.

Our Treatment Facilities

Our extensive infrastructure includes industrial waste plants, asbestos disposal sites and a dedicated hazardous waste landfill site that, between them, can cater for most forms of industrial and commercial waste.

Hazardous and clinical waste

Our expertise and experience takes the hassle out of clinical, industrial and hazardous waste disposal needs. We also specialise in petroleum decontamination and offer our sustainable, effective and affordable solutions to agencies, local authorities, private companies and contractors.

Blackburn Meadows



Soils Content

FCC Environment has been pioneering and promoting the mass removal of wastes and construction materials by rail since the 1970s when the Hendon Waste Transfer Station (North London) was opened and Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Commercial and Industrial (C&I) waste containerised and hauled to facilities outside London. Further long term contracts soon followed.

Landfill: the last resort

Despite working hard to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, there will always be some that cannot be recycled. We handle this waste at our 23 operational landfill sites, where we monitor water quality, eliminate odours and capture methane to generate energy.

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