Waste Processing


Despite working hard to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, there will always be a small amount that cannot be recycled. As a result this waste will go to one of our landfill sites that operate throughout the UK or where possible to one of our Energy for Waste plants (EFW).

FCC landfill sites are not just a place to dump waste!  Behind every landfill is a team working hard to:

  • Reduce the environmental impact
  • Make sure the gas is safely removed and recycled into energy
  • Monitor water quality 24hrs a day
  • Nasty wiffs are taken care of
  • The public are kept informed of any changes and planning applications with community engagement programmes
  • Site restoration plans are kept on target

We are working hard to reduce our landfill sites and make sure more waste is used to generate energy at our energy for waste plants.

There are other ways to use landfills which is helping to reduce the amount of waste they receive and increase recycling efficiency. Materials recycling facilities are being built on some landfills along with wind turbines, composting facilities and refuse derived fuel plants. All these new facilities are working together to ensure less and less waste is added to landfill.

To understand how a landfill works, click on the interactive presentation below.

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