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Transition Process

We recognise that part of changing any supplier presents a risk and a disruption to business which is why FCC Environment have a formal mobilisation programme. 

Upon initial notification of contract award, FCC Environment will establish the key stakeholders within the business and the Account Manager will initiate an immediate Contract Start Meeting with the key stakeholders with the following Agenda;

  1. Introductions
  2. Contract Management Structure
  3. Overview of Service provision
  4. Material Source Segregation requirements
  5. Staff Training program
  6. Proposed Container Exchange timetable
  7. Additional Information

The purpose of the Contract Start Meeting is to commence with mobilisation of the Contract at the earliest opportunity, allowing for all opportunities and issues to be raised prior to the continued service commencement so any necessary improvements can be made.

FCC Environments Account Manager will visit each nominated location in the period between formal notification and contract start, introducing them to the appropriate Location Manager. The Account Manager will formally advise the Location Manager of the new improved service and full details of the service levels they can expect from FCC Environment. We will educate the staff to the system to be employed and define the materials that can be disposed of within each container in order to ensure maximum waste recovery is achieved.

In the week immediately following the formal commencement of the Contract, the FCC Environment team will liaise with each of the Location Managers to ensure that we are meeting their expectations. We will commence with collections in line with our submitted schedule. We will also conduct visits to each nominated location to reaffirm all information provided to Location Managers has been fully understood and that any areas of concern can be assessed and overcome quickly and effectively.

We will conduct a formal end of week one review with the customer’s nominated representatives. The purpose of the meeting will be to reflect on specific activity, areas of benefit, areas of concern and identify any initial service improvements that can be implemented.  We believe that the review process will enable the customer/FCC Waste Services (UK) Ltd. relationship to develop positively.

At the end of month one, we will again conduct a formal review of the service levels with the customer’s nominated representatives. The review will be more in-depth than the week one review, dealing specifically with the performance management scorecard, namely;

  • Performance Management
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Contract Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Innovation
  • Environment, Sustainability and CSR

We will use the information obtained in the monthly/quarterly review to improve our service provision where required. The formal monthly review will again be conducted at the end of month two and month three, with action points derived from previous meetings reviewed to ensure completion.

We also envisage informal contact throughout the contract period from all University personnel associated with the waste management contract. This form of contact will ensure further positive developments relating to the customer/FCC Environment partnership.

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