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Street Cleaning

FCC Environment's street cleansing services keeps your environment looking its best.

Clean streets and public areas create community pride. However if not maintained to an acceptable level of hygiene can often be top of the list of residents' concerns.

Knowledge & Expertise

It is easy to see why; litter, chewing gum, cigarettes and graffiti all impact on the local environment, and have become an ongoing challenge for all Local Authorities. Street cleansing is 24 hours a day, seven days a week job.

Combining local knowledge and FCC expertise we deliver street cleaning designed to maintain optimum cleanliness in your area. We operate advanced equipment including gully machines for clearing drains and cesspits and 'grab' vehicles capable of removing fly-tipped objects. FCC cleaners are highly visible and very conscientious.

Core cleansing services focus on town centres, residential areas, car parks and public spaces, as well as public toilets, carriageways and gullies, fly tipping and graffiti.

Street cleansing

Mechanical sweeping Car park cleansing Manual sweeping Litter bin emptying Fly-tip removal Dog bin emptying
Litter picking Weed spraying Street washing Market cleansing Graffitti removal Chewing gum removal

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