Business Waste Solutions

Single Stream

If you are a business that produces a large quantity of one waste material then the likelihood that the optimum solution involves segregating that material and managing this separately.  As segregation often involves additional resource to be achieved, in order that this can be justified the volumes of the single stream should be significant to warrant the extra investment.  If the volumes are not high then a mixed recycling container is usually the optimum solution.

At FCC Environment we have found solutions for many materials, from the straightforward cardboard and plastic to the more complex mattresses and carpet.  As we manage a large number of Household Waste Recycling Centres throughout the country we have a significant network of suppliers and processors that we are able to leverage to gain you the best rebates.

The obvious materials that can be segregated are paper, card, plastic, glass and metal.  However, it is worth considering any significant waste that you produce as a material suitable for segregation and removal from your general waste cost.

Bailed Material

Single waste streams that attract rebates can be bailed to produce an enhanced rebate for that material, however, there are a couple of considerations that should be taken into account when enacting this solution.  Firstly, is there enough material to warrant installing a bailer, they will typically come at an additional cost.  Secondly, is the investment in time bailing the material recovered when the material is collected? 

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