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Secondary Collection

Clinical Waste

FCC ensure an efficient Clinical Waste collection and disposal Service to all of its clients which is carried out in a professional and sensitive manner. A professional and sensitive collection Service will be provided for those residents who require the collection of their Clinical Waste which will put people first and value everyone equally and respect diversity. FCC are conscious that the collection of Clinical Waste is one of the most personal services that Local Authorities provide, tending to be delivered on a one to one basis to some of the more vulnerable residents.

Due to the nature of clinical and offensive waste it is also vitally important that it is collected and transported in a safe manner. Under The Environmental Protection Act 1990 we have a duty of care to ensure that the waste collected is managed properly, recovered or disposed of safely and is only transferred to someone who is authorised to keep it. Clinical Waste also needs to be transported in conformance with The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1999 (COSHH), The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1992 and The Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations 1999.

The Services will be performed in accordance with the guidance and advice contained in the HSE guidance 'Carriage of Clinical Waste' from its Carriage of Dangerous Goods Manual in addition to its 'Managing offensive/hygiene waste safely' guidance published in April 2014, as required by 3.17.2 of the Specification.

On our contract with Market Harborough the clinical waste collection crew has developed good rapport with many of the residents who use the service. They are often able to resolve problems and queries ‘on the spot’. Our clinical waste personnel are a reassuring point of contact for many residents who are dealing with difficult circumstances.

If we are notified that a resident is in hospital or away from home, then we will not collect from the property until advised. Any customer that passes away will be noted and removed from the collection schedule. At all times we will be sensitive in our dealing with carers and family members when making such changes to clinical waste collection arrangements.

Container Management

FCC provide an efficient and effective container management service that minimises disruption to our customers (both Authorities and local residents). We effectively manage Authorities’ Collection Container requirements through:

  • Safely and securely store the Collection Containers
  • Evidence Collection Container delivery, stock control and delivery timescales
  • Manage the system of stock control
  • Integrate routine collection and delivery of Collection Containers with other elements of Services provided
  • Manage the storage and distribution of Collection Containers as a result of a requirement arising out of a service re-design or new service
  • Maintain and repair Collection Containers

Our methods for managing a Collection Container Delivery services will ensure:

  • Containers are collected and delivered within specified timescales
  • The smooth delivery of services through integration with other elements of services
  • The smooth delivery of services in the event of service re-design or new service
  • Containers are stored in a safe and secure location
  • All Containers are accounted for through effective stock management
  • Re-use and recycling of irreparable Containers is maximised

Our crews are trained in correct Collection Container handling procedures to avoid damage beyond usual wear and tear.

Stock Monitoring and Levels:

We will maintain a containers inventory to keep track, ensure control and avoid misappropriation of containers. Re-stocking will be based on the close monitoring of use and re-ordering will be at set trigger points. With the routine operation of the Service we will quickly be able to identify the pattern of usage so that we can predict when we need to routinely re-order.

Repair and Reuse of Containers:

Containers that are retrieved following delivery of a replacement or otherwise, will be assessed and, where necessary, repaired and cleaned before being added to the inventory to be available for future use and delivery. Every effort will be used to repair containers, particularly wheeled bins, and return them to service. In the event that a container is beyond economical repair it will, if possible, be utilised for spare parts.

Recycling End of Life Containers

Once redundant Containers have been stripped of useable spare parts they will be stored until a sufficient load has accumulated to enable cost effective transport. Redundant containers will, wherever possible, be recovered for use in new products in the future.

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