We are the UK's leading operator of household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) for local authorities, with 88 sites and more to come. We've also invested in recycling technology to extract the most value from the waste we collect and process.

Processing Facilities

As well as designing, building and operating HWRCs FCC Environment also operates a number of other waste processing facilities. These range from Materials Recycling Facilities to Transfer Stations, Mechanical Biological treatment to in vessel composting.


FCC Environment have pioneered a number of Re-Use schemes throughout the UK, through which we have saved tax payers money by removing items from the waste stream, generated revenue for local charities and reduced the carbon generated by reducing the use of raw material manufacture. Below are some of the locations that FCC Environment operate Re-Use Stores:





Neath Port Talbot




At FCC we are focused on recycling and REUSE of all WEEE streams (except fluorescent tubes which can only be recycled and not reused). 

We are currently working in partnership with a WEEE recycling business to develop initiatives to REUSE goods back into local charities with the full backing of our Local Authority partners.

Materials marketing

Dedicated team to manage the placement of recycled and recovered materials into the UK and International Markets

FCC Environment captures waste from over 100 recycling facilities throughout the UK.

FCC Environment works with Charities to recover any waste that has a re-use potential

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