Business Waste Solutions

Public Sector & Schools

Public sector establishments and schools have complex and challenging waste requirements incorporating the full mix of waste streams.
Research indicates that for primary and secondary schools around 70% of waste - food, packaging, paper and card - can be recycled!


Compliance & Legislation

FCC Environment provides solutions tailored to our clients'. Full compliance and documentation ensure that you meet all legislation and codes of practice, while our network of UK-wide recycling, green energy and waste treatment plants will maximize resource recovery and minimize landfill allowing you to effectively control your costs.

Waste needs to be managed efficiently and cost-effectively. With environmental accountability high on the agenda you want as much of that waste as possible to be recycled, so you maximise environmental performance.

Wrap Recommendations

The WRAP recommendations for LEA's and schools

  • You should ensure that recycling containers are located in appropriate places
  • Maintenance staff are trained in how to manage their waste
  • Recycle as much as possible
  • Make sure that staff and visitors understand what can be recycled and the benefits that result from recycling

Working closely, in partnerships with our clients, we are able to offer consultative, integrated services utilizing our knowledge and expertise to deliver proactive and commercially focused solutions.

Here are a couple of Public Sector and Schools customers who trust FCC Environment to manage their waste management requirements:

Cumbria University, Insert a Primary & Secondary School

General waste
Suitable for:
  • » Non-recyclable waste
  • » Food
  • » Non-hazardous waste
Mixed reycling
Suitable for:
  • » Card and cardboard
  • » Empty cans
  • » Empty food containers and plastic
  • » Empty bottles
  • » Paper and magazines
240L Dimensions
  • height: 1.07 metres
  • width: 0.58 metres
  • depth: 0.72 metres
360L Dimensions
  • height: 1.10 metres
  • width: 0.60 metres
  • depth: 0.88 metres
660L Dimensions
  • height: 1.22 metres
  • width: 1.37 metres
  • depth: 0.78 metres
1100L Dimensions
  • height: 1.22 metres
  • width: 1.37 metres
  • depth: 1.12 metres
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