Processing Facilities

As we throw less waste into landfill we are developing a network of Materials recycling facilities (MRFs) on existing landfill sites.


Building Materials Recycling Facilities on landfill sites helps to reduce transport costs and traffic, secures local jobs and keeps things simple.

Our MRFs take the mixed recycling and sort the waste into specific categories such as plastics, metals, materials and paper. All this is then baled and sent to our approved suppliers to be processed into new recycled products.

To help divert even more waste from landfill, some MRFs take general waste and sort and remove materials that have not been placed in recycling bins but can still be recycled.

Plastics, metals, cans and paper still get thrown into general waste bins and we catch that extra waste and pass it on for recycling, reducing the landfill usage still further.

We can take the hassle out of your mixed recycling collections with cost effective and flexible solutions to suit your business. You can also be assured that all your mixed recycling goes to one of our chain of MRFs to be sorted and recycled, meaning less in the landfill and a happy environment!

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