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Millerhill Recycling and Energy Recovery Centre (Concept Design)

The Millerhill Recycling and Energy Recovery Centre would be developed for the thermal treatment of up to 195,000 tonnes of residual non-hazardous waste each year, generated by households and businesses from within the Edinburgh and Midlothian regions

On receipt of the waste to the Centre and prior to thermal treatment, a recovery operation would undertake the removal of more than 2,500 tonnes of recyclable materials that could be made into new products elsewhere. Following this process the  generation of electricity and heat from the remaining residual waste material will be undertaken. The thermal treatment process would also produce approximately 46,500 tonnes of bottom ash which would be recycled off-site by a third party for use in the construction industry. A diagram outlining the process flow can be found here.

By using proven Energy from Waste technology, the Centre would generate up to 11 MW of electricity – enough to power approximately 26,000 homes and up to 20MW of heat, enough to meet the average heating needs of approximately 10,000 homes.

What involvement does the local community have?

The input and consultation with the local community and other key stakeholders has been a very important part of the planning process.  FCC Environment has completed its pre-planning consultation as part of the planning application process for the Millerhill Recycling and Energy Recovery Centre and the application has been submitted on the 31st March 2015 to Midlothian Council.

The application is currently awaiting determination following the submission of additional environmental information required as a result of the application consultation process.

Located between the active railway yards operated by Network Rail and the former Monktonhall Colliery, the former marshalling yards site was purchased by the City of Edinburgh and Midlothian Councils for the purpose of locating waste treatment facilities for the use of both councils. It was chosen because of its strategic location on the boundary of both local authorities, with good access to major road and rail routes.

Aerial image of the site taken Jan 2015, development area outlined in red (looking west towards Edinburgh)

Aerial image of the site taken Jan 2015, development area outlined in red (looking south towards Dalkeith)

Millerhill Recycling and Energy Recovery Centre

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