Recycling at home


We've taken residents' most common concerns on waste management and recycling, and answered them in our 'Mythbusters' series.  Simply click on the 'Myths' below that interest you to find out more.


1 I've got a van, but it is for my own use and I don't use it for work, so I don't need a commercial or commercial-type vehicle permit.

2 I've got a commercial vehicle permit, so does that mean that I can bring trade waste to the recycling centre?

3 One commercial vehicle permit will be ok for several trips to the recycling centre.

4 I don't see why I should pay for non-household waste when I bring it to the recycling centre. It should be covered in my council tax anyway.

5 Isn't it illegal to charge for soil, rubble, plasterboard, gas bottles and asbestos?

6 Councils should collect both household and non-household waste.

7 I don't waste that much food, the odd slice of stale bread or out of date yoghurt won't make much difference if I put it in the bin.

8 Other councils collect food waste, it would be easy for re3 to do the same.

9 Food waste is just sent to landfill.

10 It would be easy for the re3 councils to collect glass from our kerbside boxes and bins, other councils do it.

11 I can't recycle foil or foil trays from home.

12 It's not my job to sort or separate rubbish, that's the council's responsibility.

13 I should be able to recycle steel items like kettles and pots and pans because you can recycle metal packaging within the recycling bin.

14 As garden waste is compostable, I can put the same items that I would otherwise compost such as vegetable peelings and fruits in my garden waste bin.

15 Recycling is too much hassle, and it doesn't matter, it all gets send to landfill.

16 We don't have to send recycling abroad to be processed, we can do it all in this country.

17 It's not environmentally friendly to ship our recycling to China.

18 Recycling uses more energy than it saves.

19 It doesn't matter if I put my recycling in a plastic bag before it goes into my recycling box or bin.

20 Recycling wastes water if tins and cans have to be washed out first.

21 It makes no difference if I recycle my plastic bottles with the caps still on.

22 You can only recycle paper a limited number of times.

23 It doesn't matter if I leave my recycling box out in the rain, they can still recycle paper even if it is a bit soggy.

24 You should shred paper before recycling it.

25 Charging for some non-household waste is just a way for the council to make money.

26 Any changes made at the recycling centres have a direct impact on fly-tipping in the local area.

27 The recycling centres are just council money-spinners.

28 If it doesn't fit in my rubbish bag or bin, then I'll just put it in the recycling. It all ends up at the same place.

29 We are already recycling as much as we can.

30 There's no point in recycling - it's all biodegradable.

31 I know that I can recycle my take-away pizza box as it has a recycling symbol on it.

32 I'll put anything that has a recycling logo in my household recycling as I follow what it says on the label, not what the council tells me.

33 It makes no difference if I recycle my glass bottles and jars at the bring bank with their caps on or off.

34 Fortnightly collections cause maggots and rodent problems.

35 It's ok if I put a few bits of rubbish in the recycling, it all gets sorted out in the end.

36 All plastic pots and food packaging can be recycled including black ones.

37 Disposable coffee cups are made from paper, so they can go in my recycling box or bin.

38 Recycled glass is not as high quality as other glass.

39 I can recycle any type of glass in bring banks, including cookware, vases or mirrors.


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