MyLahore restaurant chain proud to go zero waste to landfill with FCC Environment

23 Nov 2015 16:12

A popular chain of British Asian restaurants now send zero waste to landfill thanks to a new partnership with FCC Environment.

MyLahore, which has restaurants in Bradford, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham and a growing reputation for excellence, teamed up with FCC to improve their recycling rates earlier this year.

Since then the family run company - a favourite with Britain’s two-time world champion boxing superstar, Amir Khan - has implemented new systems at their four Bradford and Leeds centres and changed their working practices to ensure they are the greenest and most efficient business they can be.

They have also saved themselves a significant amount of money in the process.

Vicky Hemdev, Social Media and Marketing Manager at MyLahore, explained: “We’re growing as a company and it’s very important for us to be recognised as an environmentally-friendly business.

“We started working with FCC Environment and they came up with a great plan, giving us the training, skills and working practices to recycle or reuse virtually everything.

“It’s been a really efficient and sensible process and our staff have been very receptive to it. When new people join they’re really impressed with how we do things.

“The financial savings we’ve created are important but it’s just important to think about the future, the environment and show the world and our customers that we’re a responsible business.”

MyLahore and FCC Environment believe the Bradford and Leeds restaurants are the first British Asian restaurants in the area to have implemented the zero waste to landfill system and introduce recycling on all waste streams.

Under their new system, staff take pride in taking responsibility for separating glass, food, mixed recycling (plastics, cardboard, some metal, paper) and general waste.

Cooking oil, meanwhile, is also harvested, cleaned and recycled with assistance from FCC Environment.

A range of measures and training procedures have been put in place to ensure continuity and sustainability while FCC Environment is on hand to collect, process, reuse and recycle waste.

Prior to joining forces with FCC Environment, the company’s flagship Bradford premises had been creating around 39 tonnes of waste each year with 32.76 tonnes of that being sent to landfill and only 6.24 tonnes recycled.

Now 24.96 tonnes is recycled while 6.24 tonnes of food waste is sent to generate electricity.

The remainder goes through a process to remove any recyclable material with the leftover material again being used to produce electricity, with zero waste going to landfill.

Kristian Dales, Sales, Marketing and Communications Director for FCC Environment, said: “Our partnership with MyLahore is a prime example of the benefits that a change in recycling culture can bring to SMEs.

“The company has truly embraced the changing working culture not just for profitability reasons but also because it is a responsible business which cares about the community.

“At FCC Environment our aim is to unlock that potential for all of our clients by providing the facilities, training, advice and support they need.”

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