Business Waste Solutions

Food Service

We can offer you a fully integrated service that not only takes care of your food waste but also all of your general waste, recycling and glass too. All of our food waste is processed within a network of Anaerobic Digestion plants and none of it goes to landfill. To ensure that you have enough storage space for your food waste, we supply you with our 240L bins.


Waste Collections

If you also need general waste collecting and/or mixed recycling, we can provide a flexible service to suit you, this can be a regular collection from twice weekly up to fortnightly. There are a variety of bin collection sizes to choose from, as shown below: just decide what you want, when you need it collecting then give us a call to arrange it for you on 0344 736 9990.

Here are a couple of Hotel, Restaurant & Pubs customers who trust FCC Environment to manage their waste management requirements:

Farncombe Estate

General waste
Suitable for:
  • » Non-recyclable waste
  • » Food
  • » Non-hazardous waste
Mixed reycling
Suitable for:
  • » Card and cardboard
  • » Empty cans
  • » Empty food containers and plastic
  • » Empty bottles
  • » Paper and magazines
240L Dimensions
  • height: 1.07 metres
  • width: 0.58 metres
  • depth: 0.72 metres
360L Dimensions
  • height: 1.10 metres
  • width: 0.60 metres
  • depth: 0.88 metres
660L Dimensions
  • height: 1.22 metres
  • width: 1.37 metres
  • depth: 0.78 metres
1100L Dimensions
  • height: 1.22 metres
  • width: 1.37 metres
  • depth: 1.12 metres
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