Municipal Services


FCC’s street cleansing operations are organised in such a way that demonstrably delivers the standards of street cleanliness that:

  • Exceed all cleansing standards as laid out in the EPA Code of Practice on Litter & Refuse;
  • Achieve the standards of cleansing required by COPLAR and the Contract Specification;
  • Assist the Council in meeting its obligations set out in the Clean Neighbourhoods & Environment Act 2005; and
  • Deliver our resources in such a way that complies with the conditions of the Council’s polices on Waste Management, Environmental Protection, Carbon Management, & Employment.

We aim to provide Councils with a safe, flexible, efficient and effective Street Cleansing Service which delivers sustained and measured improvements in customer satisfaction levels.

Verge & Head Cutting

We undertake verge and hedge cutting as a part of the services that we offer on behalf of Harborough District Council and Telford and Wrekin Council. Verge and hedge cutting is carried out by bespoke teams using a range of mechanical and manual machinery to provide a high quality finish across all areas of our contracts.

In the areas where we undertake verge and hedge cutting arrangements, FCC ensures that the area is free of litter, large stones and other obstacles before commencing operations. In addition, any arisings from grass and verge cutting are removed where necessary, or in the case of grass cuttings, these are kept away from areas of drainage or surface water systems.

Road Sweeping

FCC has a diverse fleet of sweeping equipment that can be deployed to assist with road sweeping across our contracts. Road sweeping is undertaken using a mix of large mechanical sweepers, small mechanical sweepers and manual sweeping methods, which is dictated by the location, size and access to an area. FCC utilises bespoke technology and experience to ensure that any roads are swept regularly, with some areas being swept daily and streets with the least footfall being swept on a quarterly basis.

Winter Services

FCC undertakes gritting and snow removal in Telford and Wrekin utilising bespoke equipment. On our street cleansing contracts, we are often asked to support with gritting and snow clearance when snow fall is particularly heavy or when temperatures are consistently below 0oC. Due to the nature and location of gritting required often being dictated by the Council, FCC has to ensure that the planning for this activity will have to be reactive and dynamic from day to day. 

Removal of Dead Animals

FCC removes dead animals on a number of its contracts including in Harborough and Wychavon as part of an integrated service provided in these areas. Where road kill is found, ordinarily this is reported to FCC by the Council or a member of the public and a Street Scene crew is then sent to the location to remove the animal.

FCC provides its staff with all relevant PPE including gloves, hi-visibility clothing, goggles and masks to ensure that crews are protected from all spillages and bacterial infections. Animals are collected from the road and placed into a large zip-lock sack before being sent for appropriate disposal. If the animal is a pet, then FCC will collect the animal and take it to our site where it is scanned for identification purposes. Pets are normally frozen for a month to allow the animal’s owner to claim it, should they wish to.

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