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Ground & Park Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance

FCC currently operates grounds maintenance contracts on behalf of two local authorities in Harborough, Leicestershire and Telford and Wrekin, Shropshire. Our operations on these contracts stretch across a range of different tasks including horticultural work, parks maintenance, Sports Pitch bookings and maintenance, and arboriculture work. In the areas where FCC operates, we use local suppliers wherever possible to provide equipment, tools, vehicles and crews.

FCC undertakes all of its ground maintenance services in accordance with, but not restricted to:

  • British Standards Institute (BSI)
  • Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)
  • Institute of Groundsmanship (IOG)
  • British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI)
  • Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)
  • Various sporting bodies e.g. Football Association (FA), Rugby Football Union (RFU), Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) etc.
  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSWA 1974) and associated regs.
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
  • Environment Agency (EA)
  • Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM)

Sports Pitches

We undertake Sports Pitch maintenance on behalf of Harborough District Council and Telford and Wrekin Council. Here, we are contracted to ensure that the Sports Pitches and equipment is maintained so that users of the facilities receive a high-quality service year-round.

Where we are contracted to maintain Sports Pitches, FCC undertakes initiatives such as line painting, litter picking, grass cutting and reseeding, and the maintenance of equipment such as nets, goalposts and all-weather courts. We have a strict regular inspections procedure on all of our Sports Pitch contracts, where sports equipment and facilities are thoroughly checked a minimum of once per week. Any defects which are found are noted by our staff who prioritise the repair of the equipment and will remove it from use, where necessary.


FCC operates a commercial ‘Street Scene’ service in Telford and Wrekin, where we have expanded our grounds maintenance operations in partnership with the Council to include schools, bowling greens and a large multi-storey car park. We currently work in partnership with Interserve, the Council’s PFI operator for schools and colleges. Here, we provide grounds maintenance services to local schools and colleges, providing weed spraying, Sports Pitch maintenance and marking, including litter picking, grass cutting, shrub bed maintenance, hard surface maintenance, play equipment inspections and arboriculture work.

Arboriculture Work

We undertake arboriculture work on our contract with Telford and Wrekin Council in Shropshire.

Bowling Greens

Due to the nature of the Sports that are played on bowling greens, such facilities require frequent maintenance. FCC operates Bowling Green maintenance at the Hadley Learning Community ‘all-through’ school in partnership with Telford and Wrekin Council and Interserve, the Council’s PFI operator for schools and colleges. During the winter months, FCC undertakes reseeding, litter picking aeration and fertilising of the greens on a minimum of a weekly basis. We also undertake mowing as required through the winter months to maintain a winter height of cut of 10-12 millimetres. FCC keeps machinery off of Bowling Green’s wherever possible so as to not cause damage to the green or affect the topography of the green.

FCC undertakes regular scheduled maintenance on each of the Bowling Green’s that it services to ensure that the quality of the facilities is excellent throughout the summer months of April to September. The frequency of maintenance varies depending on seasonality. In the summer, FCC undertakes daily maintenance to ensure that the grass on Bowling Green’s is the correct length, fully seeded and free from litter.

Cemetery & Cremitorium

FCC maintains cemeteries and crematoriums in the District of Harborough, Leicestershire through our integrated partnership with the Council. Our operations in cemeteries and crematoriums include litter picking, bin emptying, horticultural work, grass cutting and grave digging.

Due to the nature of these environments, FCC staff have utmost respect for where they are working and to cease all operations around people attending graves and burials. Staff are also asked to keep noise to a minimum at all times when working. To assist with this, FCC is rolling out small electric vehicles across some of its contracts to transport people, equipment and materials. These vehicles ensure that noise is kept to a minimum.

FCC is committed to providing a high-quality service to its customers and has received compliments from residents in many of the areas where it operates. In Harborough, FCC has recently received a compliment from a resident regarding the quality of two headstones and kerbs, which were maintained by FCC. The resident praised the work of our operatives on the Contract, drawing particular attention to the condition of the graves upon a recent visit.

Grave Digging

FCC currently services grave digging as part of its integrated contract with Harborough District Council. Grave digging is undertaken using either mechanical or manual means, whilst ensuring that staff respectful of the wishes of both visitors to the cemetery sites and the funeral cortege.

We ensure that one responsible member of staff is present at the cemetery or burial ground to show the Funeral Director to the grave space and to provide any assistance that may be required.

During the burial proceedings, any staff not directly required are told to remain at a respectful distance from the mourners and no mechanical operations will be undertaken within the hearing of the mourners.

FCC ensures that any grave has been fully prepared for the arrival of the cortege and immediately after the cortege has left the cemetery or burial ground, any webbing or matting is removed and the grave is then backfilled.

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