Municipal Services

Food Waste

Our food waste collection service is available via a 240 litre container or for larger volumes we can offer a bespoke service to suit you.

We can also offer kitchen caddies (free of charge) or bio-degradable bags (small additional cost) for loose waste materials. 

Anaerobic digestion

To put your mind at rest, we guarantee that we recycle all of your food waste.

We are currently expanding our network of anaerobic digestion plants that break down the food waste producing a biogas.  This gas is then used to generate electricity and heat for the local community and businesses.

Food and organic waste covers the following:

  • Industrial waste (e.g. from agricultural and food processing factories)
  • Garden waste (e.g. from grass clipping and hedge trimmings)
  • Spoiled food (e.g.  fruit and vegetables beyond sell date)
  • Kitchen waste (e.g.  potato peelings)
  • Waste food (e.g. leftovers in restaurants and canteens)

Our extensive infrastructure and anaerobic digestion facilities mean that your food waste becomes a resource producing gas for electricity generation, designed to save you money it is

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