FCC Environment’s ‘pioneering’ Eastcroft EfW plant reaches 40 year milestone

20 Sep 2013 12:11

The Eastcroft Energy from Waste (EfW) plant on the outskirts of Nottingham City Centre will this month (20 September) mark 40 years of generating electricity and heat from the region’s waste.

Owned and operated by leading recycling and waste management company FCC Environment, Eastcroft was a pioneering development when it was opened by Lord Greenwood of Rossendale on September 20 1973.

It was originally developed by a partnership of Nottingham City Council and the National Coal Board, as a response to the energy crisis of the early 1970s, and 40 years later, the facility is still generating electricty and heat for use in the city.  Today it is a key part of Nottingham’s 2020 Sustainable Energy Strategy.

Eastcroft EfW is at the centre of the Nottingham District Heating Scheme which produces heat and power for local users by combusting up to 200,000 tonnes of non-hazardous waste from the region each year. It generates nearly 20 megawatts of thermal energy in the form of steam and hot water which helps to reduce the need for non-renewable fossil fuels and produces electricity for the local grid and heat for homes and businesses in the city.  It is estimated that over its lifetime so far the facility has diverted more than 4,000,000 tonnes of waste from unsustainable landfill disposal. 

Steam from the facility is piped to an energy generation and distribution facility on London Road which is operated by EnviroEnergy Ltd. The distribution network comprises of 85km of insulated pipework carrying pressurised hot water around Nottingham City Centre and St. Ann’s. This is used to satisfy the heating and hot water requirements of 4,700 homes and over 100 commercial premises, including the Victoria and Broadmarsh shopping centres, the National Ice Centre/Nottingham Arena, Nottingham Trent University, BioCity, HMRC, the Royal Centre and various other large local developments.

FCC Environment’s manager at Eastcroft, Karl Starkey, said: “When it was developed in 1973, Eastcroft was a pioneering site and was among the very first to use the heat generated as part of a district heating system. To this day it remains one of the largest district heating systems in the country and the largest which is waste fuelled.

“Since the early days Eastcroft has gone through radical changes to ensure it can still operate and comply with today’s strict controls on emissions and a major refurbishment was undertaken in 2009 to provide greater reliability.  It is now the equal of the most modern EfW plants in Europe.

“The plant has stood the test of time and continues to deliver reliable, low carbon energy to Nottingham while reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and diverting waste from landfill.” 

Councillor Alan Clark, Nottingham City Council Portfolio Holder for Energy & Sustainability said: “We are grateful that our predecessors as City councillors had the foresight to buy the London Road site for a Heat Station and to ensure Government legislation to own and operate a district heating system when the whole idea was in its infancy.”

Eastcroft facts & figures


  • Total capacity of 200,000 tonnes of waste material processed per annum
  • 23.4 tonnes of waste per hour turned into energy
  • There are two moving grate type incinerator lines
  • Plans exist to add a third moving grate incinerator line
  • An average of 92 vehicles per day deliver waste to the site
  • Waste incinerated at above 850ºC
  • Flue gas is cooled to 130ºC prior to treatment
  • 38 people work at Eastcroft
  • The chimney stack at Eastcroft stands 91 metres high



Notes for editors:

From waste to resource.  FCC Environment is a leading UK waste and resource management company, and is part of a global group with a strong heritage in providing services for communities and business.  Our vision is to be the environmental company of choice, delivering change for a sustainable future.  We offer:


Municipal services

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Green energy

Waste processing and disposal


We employ 2,400 people and operate more than 200 facilities across England, Scotland and Wales.


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