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FCC Environment peddles way to new hospice

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FCC Environment peddles way to new hospice


Working alongside South Bucks Hospice and Buckinghamshire County Council, FCC Environment is rescuing bicycles from household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) across Buckinghamshire before they are refurbished and sold to raise money for charity.

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Working in partnership with South Bucks Hospice

FCC Environment operates ten HWRCs on behalf of Buckinghamshire County Council, helping the general public to recycle their bulky household waste and ensure unwanted but otherwise serviceable goods are reused wherever possible. These products are then sold in shops run by South Bucks Hospice which are situated at the High Wycombe and Aston Clinton recycling centres.

A significant part of the project involves the rescue of bicycles suitable for refurbishment; these are then sent to The Mount Prison at Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, where they are restored by prisoners. Experience gained by inmates in the refurbishment process helps them as they work towards qualifications. The bikes are then returned to the two stores, which are managed by South Bucks Hospice, and sold with the proceeds going to the palliative and lymphoedema care charity.

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Recycling household items

Reuse centre



To find out more contact:

Steve Bell
development manager for reuse

tel 01604 826438




Unwanted household items are a precious and often wasted resource in the UK. Recycling centres present an ideal opportunity to benefit from the value in second hand goods. FCC Environment specialises in waste and resource management and the recovery of value material and energy from the waste that society discards.
In Buckinghamshire this speciality is put to good use in a scheme that benefits everyone, most of all the

South Bucks Hospice which receives the proceeds from the sale of the bikes alongside other household goods.
This helps the hospice to achieve its annual 1 million funding requirement and will contribute to the funding of a new hospice in 2014.

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