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Dorket Head

Dorket Head Landfill, Nottinghamshire

FCC Environment’s Dorket Head landfill site is next to the market town of Arnold in Nottinghamshire. Opened in 1993 it has planning permission for the disposal of non-hazardous waste and is an important part of Nottinghamshire County Council’s ‘Waste Core Strategy’ plan for dealing with the county’s waste.

We work with Ibstock Brick Ltd. at the site, which quarries clay for use in the manufacture of bricks. Once quarrying has finished in an area of the site, it is used for landfill.

All landfill sites naturally produce gas as waste degrades and breaks down. Made up mostly of methane, oxygen and nitrogen, this gas is captured for two reasons. Firstly, it is a valuable source of green energy and can be used to generate electricity (see animation). Around 2.5MW of electricity is generated every day at Dorket Head from burning gas. That’s roughly enough to power 2,500 homes. Secondly, capturing the gas significantly reduces the smells it can carry.

Current Operations

The site closed for non-hazardous waste Friday 12th September. Restoration soils will continue to be accepted in order to comply with the planning requirements of the site.

The site is accepting soils to help with the restoration of the site. The main part of the restoration will take place during 2015 and 2016. During June to August the more southerly located cells are to be permanently capped and restoration soils placed on the capped area. Part of these works will involve the reconstruction of 2 or 3 leachate collection chambers.

Recent Activities

Over the last year restoration soils have been stocked ready for placement. Landfill gas and leachate collection systems continue to be maintained and monitored.

Working with the Environment Agency

The Environment Agency is responsible for regulating the site. FCC Environment works as closely as possible with the local Environment Agency office and you can keep up to date with their monitoring of the site here: Environment Agency - Dorket Head.

Keeping local residents informed

We run a local community liaison group for Dorket Head. It helps to keep local residents up to date with what we are doing at the site and allows local residents to ask questions about our work. Meetings are held every quarter.

The Community Liaison Group is made up of local residents and representatives from other local stakeholder groups. Should you wish to be involved in the liaison group in the future, please contact us using the details below and your application will be considered at a future meeting of the Liaison Group.

We are also keen to hear from any residents who have any concerns about the site. You can email or call 0115 967 3446.

On-going investment

In recent years there has been several hundred thousand pounds invested in Dorket Head to capture as much gas as possible, to minimise odours and generate as much electricity as possible. This is done using ‘gas extraction wells’ which pump gases out of the landfill and also keep the landfill at a lower pressure than the atmosphere around it to stop gas escaping.
In many cases this is only required on areas of the landfill site which have been completed. At Dorket Head a series of temporary wells have also been installed in the ‘live’ area of the site following a complete review of the gas extraction system in 2011.
In addition, a series of on-going measures are in place to keep any odours to a minimum:

  • Sealed leachate tanks. To stop any liquid escaping, we pump out the liquid and store it in leachate tanks prior to it being removed from site for treatment.
  • Gas monitoring. We monitor the quantities of different gases at Dorket Head. If there are any increases or changes we take corrective action.

Landfill Communities Fund

Since 1998 FCC Environment has taken an active part in the Landfill Communities Fund, which allows waste management companies to use a proportion of the tax collected on every tonne of waste disposed to support qualifying community and environmental projects within 10 miles of landfill sites. During this time 114 separate projects around Dorket Head have benefited from funding totalling almost £3 million.

FCC Environment’s landfill tax credits are administered by WREN, the UK’s largest Distributive Environmental Body.

For more information about how organisations can apply for funding under the Landfill Communities Fund, visit WREN’s website at

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