Household Recycling Centres


Non-household waste charges

All vehicles will be assessed on arrival at a re3 recycling centre and the following non-household waste items will now incur a charge:

  • Soil and rubble 
  • Plasterboard
  • Gas bottles
  • Asbestos

New traffic lanes at both recycling centres’ entrances have been introduced to help minimise queuing while vehicles and types of waste are being assessed.

Charges have been calculated to cover the cost of disposing of these items and are non-profit making.  Payment will be by pre-paid, debit or credit card only.

Residents can still dispose of all other household waste without charge at the re3 recycling centres.

For the list of charges for non-household waste, please see below table and find out more in our Waste Acceptance Policy.


Frequently asked questions

Charges for some non-household waste FAQs

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