Waste Processing

Calvert odour control

Deodorising system

Calvert Landfill has a deodorising system installed to help reduce odours. They are situated alongside Pit 4 opposite the active area and adjacent to the off loading point for the trains, the latter set to run automatically when a waste train is expected to arrive on site. The system uses a fine mist with an organic chemical which has the ability to remove odours rather than mask them with an additional perfume.

Gas control

We monitor the gas wells on site on a regular basis to ensure they are working at an optimal level. We also carry out regular inspections of all the wells to ensure they remain a good state of repair.  We also install as we fill a network of horizontal pipework throughout the active areas which is connected to the gas extraction system. Although these do not contain good quality landfill gas, they are used to apply a small amount of suction to the area helping with environmental and odour controls. These systems are sacrificial and will be replaced with appropriate gas wells once the areas are completed.

Regular monitoring occurs around and on site using a Flame Ionisation Detector (FID). This detector has the ability to measure any flammable gases and indicate the quantity on Parts per Million (PPM) scale. Site has a permit requirement to ensure that this reading is 10pmm or less at our installation boundary.


During the programme of surcharging the site, it is progressively capped as each phase is completed. The surcharging commenced in 2010 and is expected to continue until approximately the end of 2016

Daily Cover

As we continue to accept waste we use inert materials, for example soils, to reduce any odours from recently-deposited rubbish escaping. It is also used to reduce the potential of flies during the summer months, other scavenging pests and windblown litter. This is applied at the end of the working day.

Landfill Communities Fund

Since 1998 FCC Environment has taken an active part in the Landfill Communities Fund, which allows waste management companies to use a proportion of the tax collected on every tonne of waste disposed to support qualifying community and environmental projects within 10 miles of landfill sites.

FCC Environment’s landfill tax credits are administered by WREN, the UK’s largest Distributive Environmental Body. 
For more information about how local organisations can apply for funding under the Landfill Communities Fund, visit the website

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