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Calvert Landfill site

Calvert is currently “surcharging” the site to the approved pre-settlement contours. Over time all landfills settle and compress.  Surcharging means that additional waste is placed on top of a previously landfilled area in order to return it to the approved, pre-settlement land form.  Environmentally, this is important for a number of reasons including being compliant with the Environment Agency’s guidance on landfills.


Calvert landill site


The current active area is phase 3 pit 4 which is due to be up to approved levels in March 2013. The area will be subject to capping works, expected to start in March and continue until September 2013. The next area of surcharging will then follow which is also in pit 4.

Over the next 2-3 years the process of surcharging will continue along with capping the finished areas, gradually completing both pit 4 and 5 to these approved levels.

Once capped a programme of gas well drilling and installation will commence.  During the drilling of the gas wells there is the potential for there to be a temporary odour noticeable during this period. In order to assist in the reduction of odours whilst this process is undertaken a dedicated deodorising system is employed.

Once installed and connected to the gas extraction system these additional gas wells should allow additional volumes of gas to be collected and further reduce the risk of odours.



Keeping local residents informed

We run a local community liaison group for Calvert Landfill. It helps to keep local residents up to date with what we are doing at the site and allows local residents to ask questions about our work. Meetings are held every quarter. The liaison group is made up of local residents and parish councillors along with representatives of Buckingham County Council. Should you wish to be involved in the liaison group in the future, please contact us using the details on the Contact Us page and your application will be considered at a future meeting.

On-going investment

Over several years there have been significant investments made in Calvert Landfill to capture as much landfill gas as possible and to minimise odours. As a result the site is covered with as many as 450 gas extraction wells and approximately 50 leachate extraction wells.

As stated above the site has also been progressively capped as each phase of tipping has been completed.

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