Waste Processing

Bletchley landfill site is located within the clay pit that was part of the former Newton Longville brickworks and has been operating as a landfill site serving Milton Keynes for more than 30 years.

Bletchley landfill

The site has been under the ownership of FCC Environment since it bought the site from the Shanks Group in June 2004. The current planning permission for the site allows for the land-filling of waste until 2022.

At FCC we are constantly looking to lessen the amount of waste that goes to landfill and to help this Bletchley landfill is building a materials recycling facility due to be open in April 2013. The material recycling facility (MRF) is expected to be complete in November 2012.  The processing equipment will follow later this year and commissioning is due for April 2013.

Waste will be delivered over the weighbridge as normal and selected for diversion in to the plant where it will be stored in a waste bay before being loaded in to a shredder.  It will be screened and sorted to segregate metals, fines, aggregate, wood, plastic and WEEE.  The finished product will be 70% of the input volume and will be a bailed Solid Recovered Fuel [SRF].  The other materials can be recycled as appropriate.

Initially this facility should process 100,000 tonnes per annum.  We will be able to divert 100,000 tonnes of waste from the current landfill to the new MRF at Bletchley from the municipal, construction and industrial waste.

Restoration plans

We are working to a post settlement restoration scheme from 2003. The scheme details a mixture uses including; low intensity grazing with potential for recreational use, scrub and rough grasslands, peripheral woodland, hedges, coppice and light woodland, agricultural grazing, footpaths, calcerous grasslands.

To date there has been some grass seeding and tree planting as the landfill has been progressively restored and capped. We have also this year translocated some clay material from our neighbouring Taylor Wimpey site on to a capped area and we will trial how the local grasses grow on this area over the next three years.

Community –

Want to get involved?
The Local liaison Group meetings are held quarterly – participants include local residents, parish councillors, regulators (EA & Planners) and for further details and how to join you can contact the site office - 01908 650160

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