Waste Processing

Benefits for the community

The local community will benefit in a number of ways from an extension to the operating life of Arpley

WREN funding

We will ensure that landfill tax credits generated through FCC Environment’s operations are used cost effectively and benefit the maximum number of people, especially those who live near FCC Environment landfill sites. 

We contribute up to 6% of the landfill tax liability to Waste Recycling Environmental Ltd (WREN) through the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF). The principle of the LCF is that it 'offsets' some of the impacts of living close to a landfill site (within 10 miles), allowing landfill operators to contribute to organisations that deliver meaningful benefits to communities, biodiversity or the environment. Local projects are invited to contact WREN to make an application. 

Since June 2007 WREN has contributed £2,527,746 to 77 projects, such as the development of Dallam play and sports facilities or Bringing the WOW Factor to Warrington Museum. Other projects have included the Great Sankey Boat Park Play Area, Penketh Swimming Pool, and Whitecross Community Centre.

Renewable electricity generation

Arpley landfill has 15 Jenbacher gas engines installed to generate renewable electricity from landfill gas. They are currently producing 13MW of power which is enough to power approximately 23,340 homes and will continue to provide energy throughout the site’s extended operational life.

Public amenity areas

As part of the application it is proposed, over the next few years, to open a number of new footpaths which will link Moore Nature Reserve, the restored landfill and the river Mersey.

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