Waste Processing

Refuse Derived Fuel

Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) is produced from combustible components of municipal solid waste (MSW). The waste is shredded, dried and baled and then burned to produce electricity, thereby making good use of waste that otherwise might have ended up in landfill.

RDF facilities

FCC Environment currently has 6 operational RDF plants at Kirkless, Bletchley, Costessey, Sutton Courtenay, Arpley and Alfreton. FCC Environment have the capability of processing 300,000 tonnes per year of general waste. The processing of this waste will produce between 200,000 and 250,000 tonnes of RDF per year.

Landfill alternative

We expect to build more RDF plants in future as RDF plants offer a relatively low cost, quick start and deliverable landfill solution to our customers. Currently the RDF that we produce is mainly used in Energy for Waste plants in The Netherlands, which produce electricity and heat for local homes and businesses.

However, as the UK develops more Energy for Waste plants, it is hoped that the RDF we produce will be used in UK facilities instead.

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