Municipal Services

Municipal Services

However complex and varied your waste management needs are, we can meet them all with just one contract. From household collections to park maintenance and street cleaning, our integrated solution will turn waste into resource wherever possible and maximise the efficiency of your services and the value you offer your community.

Local collections, everywhere

We have a proven track record in municipal waste solutions. More than 60 local authorities currently use our hassle-free household waste collection, recycling and treatment options, and we operate 87 household waste recycling centres to help communities like yours recycle more. How could you benefit from our experience and innovation?

Food for thought

From kitchen caddies to bulk containers, our bespoke food and organic waste collection service is designed with you in mind. Anaerobic digestion facilities turn green waste into biogas, which is used to generate power for local communities and businesses, and no organic waste is sent to landfill.

Sustainable as standard

Every one of our waste collection trucks takes the most efficient route when it’s out and about, helping to save fuel, cut CO2 emissions and keep our costs as low as possible. This eco-commitment means that your waste is always collected in the most sustainable way.

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