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30 August 2016
A new commercial and commercial-type vehicle permit scheme is being introduced by re3, as part of a crackdown on the dumping of trade waste at recycling centres. From 30th September 2016 residents driving commercial and commercial-type vehicles (e.g. vans or vehicles with larger trailers) will need to present a permit when visiting the re3 recycling centres in Longshot Lane, Bracknell, and Island Road, Reading.
30 August 2016
From 30th September, re3 recycling centres will be introducing charges for the disposal of some non-household waste as part of a programme to make essential savings and provide a more efficient and fair waste management service.
24 August 2016
Recycling in the UK has become a force of its own. Tuesday’s reports that the percentage of rejected recycling is at its highest since 2011 is testament to the fact that the industry is broken. What is needed is a sustainable waste strategy that balances and aligns environmental imperatives with hard, economic realities.
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