Green Energy

Energy from Waste

FCC Environment has had a major shift in emphasis for its business strategy. We are now focusing on materials recycling and recovery of renewable energy as it moves away from landfill disposal.

EFW facilities

We currently operate two Energy from Waste (EFW) facilities in the UK, Eastcroft in Nottingham which has been operational since 1973 and Allington Quarry in Maidstone, Kent which has been operational since 2008.

As one of the few alternatives to landfill, general waste can be sent to an EFW facility to generate steam from burning the waste and turning it into electricity that is then used to heat nearby homes and businesses. The burning of waste and turning it into energy also greatly reduces the reliance of fossil fuels to supply energy needs to nearby homes and businesses.

Combustion gases generated from these processes are treated prior to being released through the stack.  Emissions are continuously monitored and regularly checked by the Environment Agency to ensure they are in line with EU regulations.

Both these facilities have the ability to recover energy from non-hazardous waste from households and businesses.

Click on the interactive presentation to understand more about how an EFW works.

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